Internet Cash Machine 1.1

Hello. You found my little Internet Cash Machine. Little, ugly pages like this one generate small amounts of cryptocurrency for someone, somewhere. I make extra money on the side without doing anything, simply by driving traffic to this page by any ethical means.

Get Your Own Internet Cash Machine FREE!

  1. Step 1:If you do not already have a COINIMP account, sign up for one at
  2. Step 2:If you do not already have an AdsTerra account, sign up for one at
  3. Step 3:Get some webhosting of your choice. We recommend the free webhosting at which works great for this, but you can use just about any webhosting you like that supports uploading or creating custom .html files.
  4. Step 4:Copy and paste the entire HTML code of this page into a text file and save it as a file with the .html extension. If you are using a Windows PC,you can get the entire HTML file by pressingF12. then click anywhere in the code that appears, hit Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-C. After that, open Notepad (the default Windows text file editor, and select Ctrl-V to paste the entire code into a text file, then save it with the .html extension. If you are using NeoCities as your webhost, you can simply create a new file with the .html extension and paste your code directly there.
  5. Step 5:Replace the COINIMP and Adsterra links in the a href tags with your own. If you are using NeoCities built-in HTML editor, the COINIMP reflink is on line 62 and the AdsTerra link is on line 65. You can retrieve your reflinks for both by logging into your account on both respective sites.
  6. Step 6:Get traffic to your page by any ethical means - in other words NO SPAMMING!.

You are free to republish the HTML content of this page and replace the COINIMP and AdsTerra links with your own. However (a) please do not replace any other links, (b) do not SPAM people, and (c) do not change any other content besides the COINIMP and AdsTerra reflinks when publishing your page.